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He does not consider himself as a professional photographer, but rather as a keen photographer, close to the old school of those who prefer the analogical technique even if they know the new digital techniques.
His long traineeship as a printer in the dark room is probably the reason why he is so inexorably related to the old photographic tradition.
For a few years he has developed an interest in traditional fishing techniques still used in Sicily and the Mediterranean.
Between waiting periods on land - due to unfavourable weather conditions - and long periods on board of various fishing boats, a unique photographic collection has appeared in Sicily.
His photographic works do not intend to provide any technical instructions on fishing techniques, but to document the lives of seafaring communities, of men and their relationship with the sea.
The ultimate end of this work is to contribute, even marginally, to turn some images into memory, the memory of those things beyond reality which have been caught and chosen to be culturally and sentimentally remembered.